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LDCO Clothing
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LDCO Clothing is a vibrant lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of the Canadian mountains and Australian beaches. With its base in Victoria's Surf Coast, the brand offers a diverse range of apparel, including hoodies, t-shirts, trackies, and hats. Embodying the convergence of land and ocean, LDCO Clothing blends the rugged beauty of mountainous terrain with the laid-back coastal vibes, creating unique designs that capture the essence of both environments. From warm and stylish hoodies to trendy t-shirts and versatile trackies, LDCO Clothing invites individuals to express their love for adventure and nature through fashionable and comfortable clothing that transcends geographical boundaries.


Brand Influencers

Brie Bartleet - Melbourne, Australia

Jess Crofts - Sydney, Australia

Melissa Wyatt - Dahlonega, USA

Connor McCloy - Victoria, Australia

Naomi Davis - Sydney, Australia

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