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Who are we

LDCO is an Australian owned & operated lifestyle brand that provides top quality clothing for the mountain goers to those who love the ocean!  


Created from an Australian and a Canadian in 2019 with a passion for exploring the great outdoors!

We are inspired by those who adventure all aspects of what this world has to offer!


our mission

At LDCO our goal is to bridge the gap between all lifestyles of the Land and the Ocean!



Our products

We take pride in providing quality products to our LDCO family which is designed and printed in-house in Geelong, Australia. 

Brand Influencers

Brie Bartleet - Melbourne, Australia

Levi Taeky - Geelong, Australia

Melissa Wyatt - Dahlonega, USA

Connor Mccloy - Victoria, Australia

Nate Hicks - Victoria, Australia

Send us an email if you'd like to join our team!

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